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Having a Hot Yoga Time in Scranton, Pennsylvania

Posted on 2013-11-14 07:06:43 PST

Five years after opening their first hot yoga studio in Scranton, Pennsylvania, Steamtown Yoga owners Lara and John Alexiou had grown beyond their original location and were preparing to open a new facility in July 2013.


How Radiant Heat Saves Energy (Part II)

Posted on 2013-11-14 07:04:48 PST

In the first part of this series I described how conventional hot air heating systems lose energy through conductive heat loss. In Part 2, I’ll describe how radiant heat differs from hot air systems and how that translates into energy savings.


How Radiant Heat Saves Energy (Part I)

Posted on 2013-11-14 07:02:46 PST

We all want to save energy. Whether your main reason is to be environmentally friendly (“green”) or just to save money, we all recognize the importance of not wasting energy.

Did you know that the very nature of radiant heat can do that for you?

In conventional heating systems (hot air systems such as furnaces or baseboards) first use energy to heat air. The air is then blown around (forced air systems) or left to convect naturally (baseboard systems). Note, too, that blowing air around requires additional energy to operate the fans or blowers.

Typically these systems are placed on outside walls where the heat loss occurs – and in particular you’ll find them concentrated directly under windows. That makes some sense since windows are a source of relatively high heat loss.


Are You Sick and Tired of Lost Productivity Due to Employee Illnesses?

Posted on 2013-11-14 06:59:44 PST

Woman_in_Office_with_SnifflesHow much productive time is your business losing to Allergies,Asthma,Bronchitis,Common Cold,Ear Infections,Headache,Influenza,Pneumonia,Sinusitis,Sore Throat, Strep Throat or Viral Infections?

According to a 2011 Canadian Labour Statistics Division study, workers lost over nine (9) days of work annually, with over 80% of those absences related to illness. Lost time has increased by over 9% in the past decade.



Are You This Happy to Get Out of the Bathtub?

Posted on 2013-11-14 06:52:57 PST

2013-09-07_14_31_43-Are_You_This_Happy_to_Get_Out_of_the_Bathtub_If you were staying at Washington D.C.’s Jefferson Hotel, you just may be.

Every bathroom at the Jefferson Hotel is heated with a SmartRooms by Therma-Ray radiant ceiling panel. Each guest steps out of the warm bath into a beautifully radiantly heated room, almost like stepping out into the warm glow of the sun itself.

As part of the renovation of this beautiful hotel, the panels were custom painted to match the decor of the rooms, thus blending right into the room, just like the warmth itself.

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