SmartRooms saves $2872 per year over Hydronics

Posted on 2013-11-13 13:26:06 PST

It's extremely rare to find two identical buildings using different heating systems to get a good side-by-side comparison. Well, we have such a case comparing a Hydronic Heating System to our Radiant Heating System.

The best test case you will ever find.

Both buildings are virtually identical. They are in the same location, right across the street from each other in Amherst, Nova Scotia Canada.

The weather is the same, the building plans are identical and they were built by the same contractor and owned by the same developer. The usage is the same as both buildings are 4-plex senior apartment complexes.

The only difference is the heating system.

So, here we go, head-to-head in a battle of Hydronic vs. Radiant Heating Systems:

They're both radiant heating systems, one using the SmartRooms Earth Storage Panel System and the other an electric boiler hydronic system using pipes.

What's interesting is the hydronic system requires styrofoam installation under the concrete slab. The SmartRooms system does not, saving the developer several thousand dollars on material and labor.

In Canada, the code requires insulation under the concrete slab when using a radiant floor system in the basement or slab construction. 

The USA building code doesn't require insulation under the slab in this type of situation. This generates additional operating savings by not having to pay for unnecessary slab insulation.

Our 25+ years of installation and energy savings proves that it isn't required for Earth Thermal Storage installations.

The end results - $2,872 annual savings with Radiant Heating Systems from ThermaRay.

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