Are You This Happy to Get Out of the Bathtub?

Posted on 2013-11-14 06:52:57 PST

2013-09-07_14_31_43-Are_You_This_Happy_to_Get_Out_of_the_Bathtub_If you were staying at Washington D.C.’s Jefferson Hotel, you just may be.

Every bathroom at the Jefferson Hotel is heated with a SmartRooms by Therma-Ray radiant ceiling panel. Each guest steps out of the warm bath into a beautifully radiantly heated room, almost like stepping out into the warm glow of the sun itself.

As part of the renovation of this beautiful hotel, the panels were custom painted to match the decor of the rooms, thus blending right into the room, just like the warmth itself.

ThermaRay's Radiant Floor Warming System is a great solution to cold floors!

Kitchens, entrance ways, foyers and bathrooms are key areas in homes and office buildings which is precisely why so many of them include such decorative touches as tiling, marble, or natural stone floors. Decorative and cold. Our SmartRooms Underfloor Heating System transforms these frosty furnishings into an atmosphere of radiant warmth.

SmartRooms Underfloor Heating System can be installed under most existing floors and flooring materials. The system can often be used as a room's primary heating system but is most commonly used as a floor warming system.

ThermaRay's Radiant Floor Warming Systems are perfect for Homes, Condominiums, Townhouses, Apartment Buildings, Hotels, Restaurants, Hospitals, Schools and Nursing Homes.

What's the Difference with Our Radiant Floor Warming System?

Since our Radiant Floor Warming System is installed beneath your flooring, the flooring material itself can act as an insulator and slow the transfer of radiant heat into the room.

The room's heat loss characteristics may be too high to overcome the lag caused by the insulating material. It works very well to warm up those cold floors that other heating systems fail to address.
We recommend that you consult with us first to determine if Underfloor Heating is the right option for you.

Underfloor Warming Benefits

  • 100% energy efficient
  • Maintenance free and easy to install
  • Quiet, safe and clean
  • Superior heating comfort that hot air systems cannot match
  • Aesthetically pleasing design - system is completely concealed
  • Rooms can be programmed so that you minimize operating costs while maximizing comfort according to your lifestyle
  • Control system allows for customization of heated areas

The SmartRooms Floor Warming System has been making thousands of customers truly comfortable for years.

You don’t have to stay at the Jefferson Hotel to enjoy comfort in your bathroom – or your home. Since 1985, ThermaRay has provided radiant heating solutions for everything from homes to office towers to universities to sports stadiums.

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