Floor Warming Installation Tip: Curing Times

Posted on 2013-11-13 13:46:16 PST

So, you’ve got your new floor warming system installed – the flooring is in place, the floor warming system has been fully tested as per the instructions and you’re raring to test it out and reap the benefits of a nice toasty warm floor…

But Wait!

Has enough time passed to allow the flooring materials to cure properly?

Proper curing times can be very important to the long-term health of your new flooring installation.

Here’s where you need to consult the other manufacturer’s literature. Self-leveling concrete, tile adhesive and grout all require curing times. (Curing and drying are not the same thing!) Depending on the manufacturer and the specific material, the curing times can all be different. So check the documentation for their recommendations. Select the one with the longest curing time.

What if I can’t find this information?

That can be a bit of a problem. If you’ve used contractors for the installation, chances are they’ve cleaned up after themselves and you really don’t know what they’ve used and there’s no directions left with you after they’ve gone. You can always call them and ask them — chances are they know the answer but just forgot to mention it to you.

Alternatively, you can use a safe “rule of thumb”: 28 days. Yeah, I know that’s a long time to wait but it is for the best. You’ll want years of service out of your new flooring so it’s best to be patient and not compromise the flooring.

Short Term Solution

If the system has been properly tested after everything has been installed (again, according to instructions) and you still feel you need to make sure it’s working properly you could turn the system on for a short period of time — at most a few hours.

Wait an initial 48 hours first. Then operate the floor warming system just long enough for you to determine that, yes, the floor is indeed warming up. Then turn it off until the curing period is over. Operating the SmartRooms Floor Warming System for a short period of time should not affect the proper curing of the other materials.