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Radiant Heat Case Study
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Electric Radiant Heating Systems


  • ETS
    Under Concrete heating system. The dirt and the concrete slab are heated to become a large thermal mass. Once the thermal mass is in place the heat is only released as the area above it cools. Otherwise the heat remains stored to be used later so there is no wasted energy.

  • Radiant Ceiling Panels
    Can be installed above Sheetrock, Wood, and Metal Ceilings. Primary or secondary heat source great in Basements, Shops, Garages, Barns, or the entire house.

  • Floor Warming Cable
    Installs over the existing subfloor or concrete in self leveling or thin set. Designed mainly as a comfort product to warm your feet. Can be installed under Tile, Stone, Laminate, Engineered Hard Woods, Granite etc.

  • Under floor Joist Heating System
    Radiant heating panel suspended below the subfloor to warm existing floor and room. Can be used as a primary heat source in Additions with a crawl space, Under the existing kitchen floor, or even Add heat to the bonus room above the garage.

  • Surface Mount Heaters ( Arch Series )
    Metal heater designed to be surface mounted or hung in Garages, Shops, Industrial applications, and some Residential applications as well. Used as a Supplemental or Primary heat source.


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Radiant Heat Advantages & Features

Looking for an energy efficient & safe way to heat your home or commercial building? Radiant heat systems have distinct advantages over other heating solutions, including:

Energy Efficient
Maintenance Free
No airborne contaminants or dust
Safe & Clean
Perfect for areas with combustible materials or chemical storage
Motionless, Invisible, Quiet
Precisely controlled in each room
Increases property and resale values
The systems are hidden resulting in more use of expensive floor space
Electric Radiant Technology provides superior comfort




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