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Combining the most natural form of heating with the newest technology in comfort control.

The world’s #1 name in Thermal Comfort Systems introduces you to the ultimate solution. SmartRooms Electric Radiant Heating Systems are as Energy Efficient to operate as Ground Source Heat Pumps, but at a fraction of the install cost and no maintenance.


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Radiant heat is something we are all familiar with. Think of the way the world is warmed. A direct transference of heat from the sun to the Earth, without fans, pumps or hoses. Silent, motionless and invisible.

A SmartRooms environment works exactly the same way. Unlike conventional heating methods, our system warms people and objects first, not the air. Just as the sun does: naturally and efficiently.

Heat travels in straight lines, just like light does. However, heat travels naturally from warmer objects to cooler objects because the cool objects are like a magnet to the warmth. SmartRooms Thermal Comfort System generates this type of heat. Warmth is radiated directly to the cooler objects in a room, like walls, floors, furniture, and people. Efficiently and effectively.
Direct transference of heat from object to object
To demonstrate, think of a spring day. The air is cool and so are you. When the sun comes out from behind a cloud, instantly you'll feel that warmth. The sun is a radiant heater and you instantly feel its effects.

The air temperature hasn't changed in that instant, but your sense of comfort certainly has. In a radiantly heated environment, the air temperature can be lower without affecting comfort. Because you are more comfortable at a lower temperature the system can run less making it more energy efficient which in turn saves you money.
SmartRooms radiant heating systems provide effective solutions to deliver comfort for a wide variety of construction projects, including:

  • Commercial Radiant Heating Systems for: Manufacturing Facilities, Warehouses, Office Buildings, Restaurants, and Hotels

  • Industrial Radiant Heating Systems for Educational Buildings, Hospitals, Religious Buildings and Stadiums

  • Residential Radiant Heating Systems for: New Homes, Renovations, Assisted Living Facilities, and Condominiums

  • Our wide range of radiant heating system products provide elegant design solutions that save energy, are easy to install and lower the total cost of ownership compared to any other heating system.



Savings with SmartRooms Heating System

It's extremely rare to find two identical buildings using different heating systems to get a good side-by-side comparison. Well, we have such a case comparing a Hydronic Heating System to our Radiant Heating System.

SmartRooms saves $2872 per year over Hydronics

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The best test case you will ever find.
Both buildings are virtually identical. They are in the same location, right across the street from each other in Amherst, Nova Scotia Canada. The weather is the same, the building plans are identical and they were built by the same contractor and owned by the same developer. The usage is the same as both buildings are 4-plex senior apartment complexes.

The only difference is the heating system.
So, here we go, head-to-head in a battle of Hydronic vs. Radiant Heating Systems: They're both radiant heating systems, one using the SmartRooms Earth Storage Panel System and the other an electric boiler hydronic system using pipes. What's interesting is the SmartRooms system does not use styrofoam insulation under its panels. The hydronic system does. In Canada, the code requires insulation under the concrete slab when using a radiant floor system in the basement or slab construction. The USA building code doesn't require insulation under the slab in this type of situation. This generates additional operating savings by not having to pay for unnecessary slab insulation.

Our 25+ years of installation and energy savings proves that it isn't required for Earth Thermal Storage installations.


SmartRooms Earth Storage Benefits

100% Energy Efficient Can be installed in Hazardous Areas
Maintenance Free Lower Operating Costs
Ease of Installation Utilizes Off-Peak Rates
Superior Radiant Heating Comfort Design Freedom – More Usable Space
Invisible, Silent, Completely Concealed Precise Control in each Room
No Manufacturing Defects Greater Comfort at lower Temperatures
Cleaner, Healthier – No
Circulating Air
Less Ex-filtration – Less Dust



Earth Thermal Storage System (ETS)

Testimonial »

The Leyhe Home in Anoka, MN.
The Leyhe Home in Anoka Minnesota“We absolutely love our floor heating system. I grew up with forced-air systems and just figured we would probably install something along those lines in our new home as well. We were also checking out the possibility of installing a geothermal system, but were terrified of the up front costs and not sure we would really ever realize a true payback on our investment."

"My wife and I were in a model home featuring the SmartRooms Radiant Heating systems and we couldn’t believe how comfortable and warm we felt in each and every room and decided to check it out further. We had an installation and operating cost comparison done and didn’t see any option that even came close to the comfort, efficiency, cost and maintenance of the SmartRooms system."

"The operating costs are amazing and we’re really glad we didn’t decide to go with the geothermal system. We saved tens of thousands of dollars on the install and our home is still very inexpensive to heat. The house is warm, we’re comfortable, it’s cheap to run and there is no maintenance. What more could you want.”
-- Jerry Leyhe (Homeowner)
Anoka, MN




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Floor Warming





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