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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.   I have a computer and have a surge suppressor hooked up to it, why another one?

The Strip units under the computer desks are another needed source of protection, isolating the computer from someone plugging into the same circuit, such as a vacuum cleaner for example.

However, the small section on the strip that contains the surge suppressor is generally set with a couple of small MOV’s in series – as these take spikes and surges the MOV’s die “in line”, leaving you with a very expensive extension cord after several months. With the Surge Pure protecting that circuit, it will allow the strip unit to last indefinitely.

Q.   How much electricity does the Surge Pure TVSS use?

The Surge Pure is a passive unit; it acts only as a filter not a consumer.

Q.   What about Harmonics?
A.   In many cases, what is perceived as harmonics can be eliminated by installing TVSS first.
Q.   Is a Surge Pure TVSS Safe?
A.   Surge Pure has a UL Listing of 1449 2nd Edition with a NEMA 4X enclosure. The enclosure is tested to protect personnel against incidental contact with the enclosed equipment – it also provides a degree of protection against falling dirt, rain, sleet, snow, wind blown dust, splashing water, hose-directed water and corrosion, and ice on the enclosure. The UL 1449 2nd Edition is the best rating issued to any type of surge suppressor unit available.
Q.   How easy is it to install?
A.   The Surge Pure is easily mounted and hard wired under existing breakers and should take approximately 15-20 minutes. All units will be installed by ARI approved licensed electricians.
Q.   So will it make existing bulbs and ballasts last longer?
A.   The existing bulbs may last a bit longer, but if you have not changed bulbs in some time, they will still burn out. Once new bulbs are installed, they should last 3-5 times longer than before.
Q.   I have hot breakers that constantly trip – will the Surge Pure help this?
A.   In most cases this problem will be reduced or eliminated by Surge Pure. In most cases the heat is caused by surges traveling through the breakers to the electrical equipment itself.
Q.   So then will the motors run differently because the Surge Pure is on them?
A.   Yes, in most cases the Surge Pure, by eliminating the static electricity, over voltages, and surges, can reduce the temperature of motors thereby extending their life 3-5 times. It has, in many cases, also cut the noise level of these motors because they are running so hard with surges coming from other pieces of equipment turning on and off. This phenomenon is called transient voltage. It is a very common sense solution to a real problem. For example, a TV, stereo, computer, etc.. is manufactured to run at 117-120 volts, 20 amps. Give this equipment anything other than that limitation and it doesn’t run as efficient or last as long as it should. Surge Pure can cure this problem.
Q.   What is the Warranty?
A.   For 10 years after the date of purchase of a Surge Pure Mach 1, as long as a qualified electrician installed the TVSS unit, ARI will replace the Surge Pure free-of-charge, if defective in workmanship or if it fails due to a surge. This means that Surge Pure will sacrifice itself before allowing an electrical surge into the building. In the off chance that the building would be hit by a lightning strike or extreme electrical surge that actually impaired the Surge Pure TVSS, it would be replaced free of charge, freight pre-paid, according to the attached warranty.


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